Down down in the deep blue sea

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For lovers of Fisheye lenses or fisheye cameras.
This is dedicated to people that love Fisheye cameras or fisheye lenses, If you wish to join this community then by all means please to. All I ask of you is that you follow the rules below then everyone is happy :)

- You can post picture of whatever you want as long as they are taken with a FISHEYE.
- If you are posting more than three images then it HAS TO BE UNDER A CUT!!
- If you wish to post nudes it HAS TO BE UNDER A CUT and it has to be stated before the cut that there are nude photos on display. If is not tasteful nudity it WILL BE DELETED AS WILL YOU!
- Any bitchyness or photo stealing/copying is taken VERY seriously if you steal someone’s photo you will be deleted and a formal complaint will be sent to Lj about you. If you are argumentivie/mean/spitful/bitchy you will be flagged and deleted.
- If you wish to take a photo you must ask the person that has posted it.
- If you have edited the image you are posting please state that you have.
- You may as for recommendations on cameras but don't post about it more than twice.
- Introduce yourself once you've joined.

As long as all these rules are followed I have no problem with you joining and showing everyone your lovely pictures! If you have a problem feel free to message me and I will do my best to get it sorted out for you. If any of these rules are broken you will be deleted immediately and wont be able to join the group again, you will also be flagged!!
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